Tyler Florence called it the #fancygatordish and we figure that name suits it just fine. Patty and Tyler spent the afternoon in the kitchen working on perfecting Patty’s go-to Gator dish. Want to serve The Gatorama Fancy Gator Dish to your guests? You’re going to need a few things. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Gatorama started in the 50’s as an old fashioned roadside attraction and has grown to become a leader and pioneer in the Florida Alligator Industry (the most successful sustainable use model in the world for recovering an endangered species.

We are a family owned and operated farm, with three generations working to bring you the best in Farm Raised Tail and Ribs. Each alligator is chosen at just the right time to guarantee that our customers are eating the most tender alligator meat you can buy.

Our commitment to Farm To Table cuisine means that when you cook up Gatorama Tail and Ribs you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy more!

No Antibiotics. No Hormones. No Additives

Gatorama Tail and Ribs are shipped out every week on Monday and Wednesday via FedEx. We are committed to delivering a top of the line product, therefore orders placed after Wednesday at 9 am, will not be shipping until Monday.

Your package will arrive on ice, frozen, and ready to treat your friends and family to a taste of Ol’ Florida. If you’ve never cooked up Gator before, don’t worry, we have all the spices you’ll need to look like a seasoned pro. Just put some in your shopping cart, and we will make sure it arrives in time for dinner!

How Do You Ship Gator Tail and Ribs? We have found that the best way to make sure your meat arrives on time is by FedEx. We pack it in dry ice to guarantee freshness.

When do you ship orders? We only ship meat on Monday and Wednesday. All other products from our shop are sent out daily.

I’ve never had Gator, does it taste like chicken? Nope, it tastes like Gator. The best way to get your first taste of Gator is by frying it. Let’s face it, everything tastes great when it’s fried!


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