Gator Hammock DELUXE Sauce Set


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It’s every sauce we carry to give the whole family a Taste Of The Glades. Comes complete with bottles of Bull Gator (10oz), Cooter Wallow (10oz), Lethal Gator (5oz), Gator Sauce (5oz), Tropic Gator (5oz), Swamp Mustard (5oz), and Guava Gator (5oz)!

Bull Gator – a Tangy BBQ Sauce -Great w/ anything Steak, Pork Chops, Venison and obviously.. Gator Tail!

Cooter Wallow – Similar to Bull Gator w/ a touch of sweetness with the same kick. Wonderful paired with Chicken.

Gator Sauce – Great way to heat and flavor up your Cubed steaks, Venison and Gator Meat.

Lethal Gator – The name says it all. Looking for a hot sauce to knock your socks off? Try it on Breakfast Tacos and you’ll be sure to have a fiery day!

Guava Gator – The best of booths worlds with a mix of sweet and spicy and where Guava is the real star of the show. We love it on Chicken and Ribs!

Tropic Gator – Gives Spicy Hawaiian Vibes that Pairs well with Gator Tail and Pork Tenderloins.

Swamp Mustard – a peppery kick with its own unique twist to mustard. Pairs well with our Alligator Sausage, or an avocado half for a light afternoon snack

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